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To that anon, just a heads up I am AF myself with the JTAC unit. Most of the AF guys out there work co-op with the army, and they get embedded/attach into certain Army units, so in some cases they are allowed to wear those ACU. But mainly the TACP/JTAC are the ones that can wear any type of uniform of which ever unit they are working with, and also the patches as well. But other than that, good job with this blog, keep it up.


and thanks!

Hey, I just want you to know that quite a few of your recent posts tagged as Air Force are actually Army. it's mainly on the first page of your blog.


I get a message like this at least once a week. You’re probably new or haven’t seen so let me just reiterate-

The info I use is accurate 99% of the time. It’s the information of the photos as provided by the photographer. I do make mistakes though, and welcome corrections. In this case however my posts have the right tags/captions.